I’ve been pondering why it is that I lean toward progressive thought rather than conservative.  I haven’t found the answer yet.  When I look through the blogs and websites I subscribe to I would say that most have a progressive bent.  To address this bias I thought I would find some conservative blogs or website I could subscribe to.

One would think this wouldn’t be too hard but when I look at say the Institute of Public Affairs and read any of their posts I find my blood starts to boil and I’m impotently yelling at my computer screen!  People like Christopher Pyne, Eric Abetz, Nick Minchin do not persuade me.  That’s not to say that there aren’t people on the right that I can listen to without my blood boiling, for example, Malcolm Turnbull and Judi Moylan perhaps the only moderates (at least that I’m aware of) in the  opposition.

I find with Tony Abbott as leader of the opposition,  he says nothing that makes me stand up and take notice.  Nothing of substance such as a well thought out policy on Asylum Seekers or Climate Change (his direct action policy is not well thought out and has been rubbished by climate scientists and economists) or anything else.  He seems to think voters only need a three word mantra to change their attitude, stop the boats, great big new tax.  It might work for a short period but when nothing further eventuates people surely are turned off … at least I am.  Right now I’m very sick of Tony’s tactics in opposition.  To me he is all talk and no substance.  Further, it seems to me that most conservatives are like this.  They don’t seem to be able to debate issues based on evidence or rationality.

Sure Tony Abbott’s in opposition and doesn’t have the same access and power as the Government but does that give him the right to be so irresponsible to the Australian population and in particular his constituents, the ones who voted Liberal?  I don’t think so.  When I read comments on the Liberal’s Facebook page, they all seem to be thoughtless.

On the Liberal’s website I found this, Tony Abbot’s future plan for Australia, can’t say I’m impressed.

Anyway, I subscribe to The Punch, Crikey and New Matilda, perhaps I get enough diversity from these to satisfy …