Is it right for certain media outlets to show their preference on climate change or more specifically the carbon price?  For example, 2GB are very vocal in their opposition to the carbon tax.  In fact, climate sceptics or climate deniers appear to be getting equal time to eminent climate scientists.  Is this fair? Especially when way more than half the scientists in the world agree that climate change is real and that it is human induced? Why do people such as Lord Monckton, Alan Jones or Ian Plimer get equal air time?  None of these people are credible voices on climate change.

The fact that people like Gina Rinehart can organise lunches for climate sceptics like Ian Plimer to present their mostly discredited view is appalling.  “Rinehart helped finance controversial climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton’s 2010 Australia tour. She also arranged for Lord Monckton to speak to an invited audience at Notre Dame Unversity in Perth on June 30 as part of his 2011 Australia tour.”

I can see that it is quite typically human to deny something because it is too upsetting to contemplate the changes wrought by whatever the change is.  And that there will be a period of time spent in debating the issues.  I’ve seen this when the GST was brought in and when the BLF was disbanded.  I’ve also seen it in the confrontations of timber businesses and workers with environmentalists.  Both sides determined to get their way.

However, there seems to be an almost hysterical element in what is said by the climate deniers and even a determination to distort and misinterpret the facts.  For example, Andrew Bolt

The recent release of the Climate Commission’s report: The Critical Decade, states,

“Over many decades thousands of scientists have painted an unambiguous picture: the global climate is changing and humanity is almost surely the dominant cause. The risks have never been clearer and the case for action has never been more urgent.”

The following are the key messages from this report:

1. There is no doubt that the climate is changing.  The evidence is overwhelming and clear.

2. We are already seeing the social, economic and environmental impacts of a changing climate.

3. It is beyond reasonable doubt the human activities – the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation – are triggering the changes we are witnessing in the global climate.

4. This is the critical decade.  Decisions we make from now to 2020 will determine the severity of climate change our children and grandchildren experience.

How much more clearer can it get?  If you’re still unsure, go here, you might be surprised to find an informative, factual website!