Taking the piss is a common pass time in Australia. It’s a way of mocking, belittling, ridiculing someone’s behaviour, attitude or spoken word. It is probably endemic or should I say epidemic? Why do we do this? I feel put down and belittled and certainly lose my voice when attacked in this way.

I recently visited my family in Hobart (I currently live in Adelaide). I’m not suggesting that my family is unique in this but in my absence I had forgotten my family’s propensity for piss taking. Now I’m questioning whether this is something I do (I hope not) but I can’t think of specific examples of when I’ve taken the piss but that could be convenient memory loss! I realise now that I do piss take, I did it with my little second cousin (I wasn’t alone in doing this but that’s no excuse).

I’ve discussed this a little with my husband who doesn’t think I do this. I know too that it happens infrequently in his family, at least, I haven’t noticed it.  Also, my Mum, talked to me about my recent experience and suggested that that’s what families do and not to take it too seriously.  I now tend to think that I was not my normal robust self so felt the attack more than I would otherwise.

One thing my gorgeous husband said was that one needs to have had lots of love, cuddles and caring to be able to withstand someone’s piss taking.  I so totally agree.

Have you felt the brunt of someone taking the piss?  If so, how have you dealt with it?