Antony Green, the guru on elections has written a long post on the history of Queensland elections, the parties involved and the current state of the political parties.  It’s an interesting read.

What fascinates me the most is the current leader of the opposition, Campbell Newman (Liberal National Party) is not yet an elected member. This is unusual. He is also contesting a strong Queensland Labor seat held by Kate Jones. Kate is the youngest member of cabinet and is interested in education, environment and housing, the three pillars of a vibrant society.

Campbell Newman gained an Engineering degree while serving in the Australian Defence Force. Apparently his nick name, Noddy, refers to his appearance and his misadventures while in the defence force. Suddenly I want to know what his misadventures were! Sadly, I’ve been unable to dig up any information.

The contest between these two candidates seems set for some interesting debate. I’m looking forward to witnessing Campbell Newman’s success or failure.