Yesterday, the ALP confirmed their support of our PM, Julia Gillard. I hope this means the Government can continue their work on policies and good governance. Despite the Noalition’s negativity and misinformation, the Government has pushed through a great deal of legislation and this is while they are a minority Government and need the support of the Greens and 3 Independents. I think this fact is testament to Julia Gillard’s ability to listen and negotiate toward legislation that is agreed to by all these disparate parties.

What I am having trouble with is Julia Gillard’s apparent lack of leadership. I don’t know if she has leadership potential but much of her achievements have been drowned out by the Noalition and mainstream media’s inability to report on anything in an impartial manner.

I just read a blog by Sasha Rap where he talks about the need for institutions like politics, law and media to move from an adversarial to a mutuality and respectful approach. He suggests that adversarial has served its time and for our society to move on.  I found his suggestion refreshing and something I have been thinking on for a long time.