Whenever I need to contact one of the Telcos (the particular one shall remain nameless) I am filled with dread. Why? Because I know that the recorded, voice activated response will enrage me.

The other day I had to make contact and used the Bill Enquiries number. After pressing what seemed like an inordinate number of buttons (1 then 3 then 4, etc), I ended up talking to someone who as it turned out was not the right person (why would I be surprised when most of the options were not the ones that met my need?), however, she did provide me with a number (a 1800) and offered to put me through direct. After again choosing numbers and listening to the banal information about valuing my custom and asking me to hold at the end as they value my feedback I reached a point where the line went dead.

I rang that 1800 number myself and reached the same point and the line went dead.

I rang the Bill Enquiries number, in frustration, and when asked what my problem was I screamed into the phone LACK OF SERVICE, this seemed to circumvent some of the number pressing (at the same time fighting back tears of rage). I finally got to through to someone who seemed able to deal with my problem.

Why do large organisations use such technology when they must know how alienating and infuriating and frustrating it is to their customers?

If they value their customers they wouldn’t use such technology – they would use people who know their products and services inside out, who are able to divert calls to the right person who provide a human quality to their business.

I have never liked this particular Telco and only use them because they have the best mobile coverage (you may now be able to guess who I’m talking about). They by no means have the best priced deals and they by no means provide the best customer service.