Well, there is a change of government. The LNP have won decisively in the recent state election – 78 seats in an 89 seat parliament. Very decisive.

There’s been lost of discussion about what went wrong and I guess this is appropriate, however, so far, no ALP member has stood up and admitted they misunderstood the electorate, that the ALP is chronically in need of re-structure, that their campaign was too negative, that …

What I have read from The Tally Room a couple of articles on moving to a proportional voting system. I didn’t realise that if I voted 1 and left the other options blank my vote is only counted once. It seems preferences only occur when I vote 1, 2 & 3 or whatever the number of candidates there are in my electorate. I my case I did use the latter option, thereby making my vote count at least twice!  I am saddened that the Greens didn’t get a look in and hope that there will be a groundswell for change to a fairer vote such as proportional. If proportional voting had been used in this election the ALP’s primary vote of about 26% would have been reflected with more seats. The LNP with just over 50% of the vote would not have won 78 seats but around half (44). For me the current voting system ignores the diversity of the electorate in the representatives in parliament.

The other article from The Courier Mail discusses the ALP’s campaign and how much the people of Queensland were sick and tired of such negative campaigning. Especially, when the ALP campaigned to ‘trash Newman’ and it backfired. I must admit I’ve never really liked the negative approach state and federal election campaigns can take. I would much prefer a campaign the sells the candidates vision and strengths as well as learning a little about the candidate. I’m also over the ‘presidential style’ election campaigns have taken too – I want to know my local candidate so I can make an informed choice.

Being a new resident to Queensland, I spent sometime looking for information on the three candidates in my electorate. You can read my findings here. Generally, I was impressed with Cameron Dick’s and Emma-Kate Rose’s credentials but not impressed with Ian Kaye’s.

I don’t know what this huge majority the LNP has holds in store for Queenslanders.

I will be watching with great interest.