I’ve been enraged, frustrated and puzzled by the continued denigration of the current situation in Australian politics.

A recent interview by Chris Uhlmann from the ABC’s 7.30Report of the Prime Minister clearly showed me how much Chris Uhlmann disrespected the Prime Minister. He was rude by interrupting her and showed utter disrespect. Enraged.

The constant lying, misinformation and bully boy tactics of the Coalition (led by Tony Abbott) is of huge concern to me and this article is of concern, especially when you know that when one hear’s something often enough it can become ‘truth’. Frustrated.

The main stream media seem to purposely not report on the achievements of this Government and constantly downplay Australia’s relative ‘survival’ of the GFC. Australia at present is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It has low unemployment , low debt and on just about any measure is doing fine. But if you listen to the rubbish Tony Abbott spouts (and reported by the mainstream media without much critique) you would be led to believe that Australia is poorly managed, has huge debt and is taxing the be-jesus out of its citizens. Puzzled.