Can’t believe I heard that headline on RN today. According to Department of Communities they want to address under-occupancy in this way:

It is estimated that there are more than 8,700 public housing properties that have two or more bedrooms in excess of the needs of the occupants listed for those properties. For example, a single person might be living in a two or three bedroom house that would be more suitable for a single parent with a child or a family of four.

Of the 30,000 applicants for long-term social housing, 80% are either single people or single parents with children. So it makes sense to place people in a property with bedrooms that match with the number of people in their household.

Nothing is definite yet, but tenants may be offered three choices:

  • move to a more suitable property
  • pay additional rent for the extra bedrooms they have
  • volunteer to enter into a shared house arrangement.

Consultation is being undertak[en] with tenants by sending them a feedback form to gain their input on these reforms, and the possible options to address under-occupancy. This is an opportunity for tenants to put forward their views and have a say on the potential outcomes. Return it in the envelope provided by 30 June 2012.

If this is what the Department of Communities is already doing what’s the meaning of Campbell Newman’s comments? According to ABC’s PM report, there are 70,000 people waiting for public housing but according to the Department of Communities there’s more than 30,000 people waiting for public housing.

The ABC PM program reported on this today. So the Department is doing their job … let them.

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