Since the announcement by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard that an election is on for 14 September 2013 there already has been a lot said and written. Some of it complete rubbish and in my view completely obfuscates the ability of someone like me to see the ‘trees for the forest” or to put it another way the policy (positive and negative) for the fluff.

What was it about the PM’s glasses? Why was that more important to report than the speech?

I’ve not been happy with the way politics has been reported for quite some time and feel let down by the mainstream media.

So today I read a blog called Gordon’s Thoughts which was very refreshing. It’s interesting that voters don’t vote for policies but vote for how the party’s values, connection, authenticity, trust and identity is exemplified in their policies. I hadn’t made the connection before but it really resonates with me. If you’re interested in reading the full article go here.

I vote to the left, so social justice, equality, human rights are high on my list. One example of dissonance was when the Government passed the legislation to change how the Parenting Payment was paid it did not connect with Labor values or Labor’s identity: 

Through the good times and through the tough times, the great mission of Australian Labor governments for more than one hundred years has been to improve the lives of ordinary Australians—giving every Australian opportunities through education and training, ensuring fairness at work and supporting Australians throughout the different stages and transitions of their lives. Our Values my emphasis.

How does moving sole parents to NewStart support them while they are doing one of the most important stages of their life, that of raising children? To my mind this policy is not the Labor I understand.

I can’t begin to discuss the Liberal Party Our Plan, real solutions for all Australians. It makes no sense and when I read this:

That’s why our plan is to build a stronger, more productive and prosperous Australia – a truly 21st Century Australia – so that all Australians can get ahead in the global economy, live in a better country and have a better future. Our Plan my emphasis.

I couldn’t for the life of me help but wonder which country is better? And what are we getting ahead of?

So now I have been given some idea of why a political party’s policies either resonates or doesn’t. Thank you Gordon.