Today saw my husband and I take to the streets again. This time to protest our disgust at what the current Federal Government is doing or not doing, for example,

  • repealing the carbon tax when we are the only Western country in the world considering doing this;
  • repealing the MRRT, along with other items, to abolish the low income superannuation contribution;
  • implementing a Green Army to carry out the LNP’s Direct Action plan ;
  • providing a NBN that is less than fibre to the home;
  • providing education funding that is less than Gonski and at the same time conducting a review into Australia’s curriculum;
  • remaining adamant about marriage being between a man and a woman;
  • playing on people’s fears regarding asylum seekers arriving on boats;
  • reviewing our ABC for its so called left leaning bias;
  • selling off OUR assets like Medicare and Australia Post;

So many issues to be angry and very very upset about.

The day was so hot but so many people turned up. I have no idea how many but it must be close to 10K.

I took lots of photos of this day. They can be viewed here.