I have not experienced, to date, the current political climate as observed or read via my social media (Twitter and Facebook) or the internet (Feedly and other sources). I struggle to understand the purpose of the Government. The desire to bring the budget back to surplus isn’t enough especially when the cuts in funding hurts those most in need of support and scrapping or cutting back organisations like CSIRO (is there a bit of science phobia in this Government?) and the Climate Council.

The hang up on surpluses that both major parties have at present is loony. Is Government a business? No. It’s not there to kowtow to those with the loudest voice or deepest pockets! It’s there, in my opinion, to Govern for ALL Australians (isn’t that what Tony Abbott said in his speech when his party one the last election?)

The focus on spending as opposed to revenue raising is folly. I have read that cutting the fuel subsidy to big mining would instantly bring in Billions of savings for the Government. That a permanent tax increase on income higher than $180k would also be useful in helping the Government’s coffers. But no they have decided to cut spending in areas of welfare that affect those who do not have a voice to protest these changes (not like the very loud voices of mining, the big 4 banks). This not the Australia I want. The widening gap between those who have and those who have not is not in Australia’s best interest.

I don’t understand the need to repeal the carbon price or the MRRT. It appears to be an ideological rather than rational move.

I have no time for Abbott’s dismissal of Climate Change as an agenda item at the G20. He argues that the economy is more important. But if climate change is not addressed there won’t be an economy. Climate change will seriously affect the economy. Climate change addressed now, as I understand it, would be cheaper than if left to a later time.

How is cutting or scrapping the Clean Energy Finance Corporation going to assist in improving economic outcomes when all we have left is large fossil fuel polluting industries? The CEFC is financing the businesses and industries of the future and where jobs are growing.

How is leaving young job seekers without an income for 6 months (inadequate as it is) going to assist them to find work? There seems to be more job seekers than jobs at present so where does that leave these young people? To search for alternative opportunities perhaps like crime? Has this Government really thought this through? It’s like they hate anyone who is not able to support themselves. Ah! is that it? Is that what its about? You’re on your own mate, don’t come knocking on our door ‘cos we’ll just turn you away or we will decide who is in most need?

Terrible policies, terrible politics, terrible Government.