Ok, so the Qld LNP sent out a survey “the People’s Budget asking the people of Queensland what their thoughts were on a range of issues.

In selling the idea of Strong Choices the Government appear to have used rubbery figures and relied heavily on the Costello Report (Commission of Audit). According to Steve Bishop there is no ‘debt crisis’ and the net debt is about half the amount trumpeted by the Government. And John Quiggan reports that this campaign is rigged.

What’s going on here? The Government seems to believe they have listened to the people but two recent by-elections show that up as a lie.

Have they forgotten that they are supposed to REPRESENT the electorate that voted them in? Do they even know what representation is?

In politics, representation describes how some individuals stand in for others or a group of others, for a certain time period. Representation usually refers to representative democracies, where elected officials nominally speak for their constituents in the legislature. Generally, only citizens are granted representation in the government in the form of voting rights; however, some democracies have extended this right further.

At this point, I see that those with money are able to lobby successfully for their particular agenda (whatever that might be, e.g. coal mining) whereas the people seem to only get a chance to express their views at voting time. I can understand many people asking “What’s the point?”

I also think people who are asking this question are restless, looking for something, anything, to ‘save’ them. I don’t believe there will be one charismatic person people can align with but I do believe groups and community alliances is where differences will be made. We need more diversity in our elected representatives, reflecting the diversity found in our society.

What do you think?