What on earth is going on? How have we (Australia, I mean) gotten here?

The release of the HR inquiry into child detention was responded to in Parliament not by looking at the recommendations but by shooting the messenger, Gillian Triggs.

The speeches by Julie Bishop and Tanya Plibersek were greeted with more compassion than the HR inquiry. I’m not saying that the death penalty for two Australian people is not worth doing everything we can to prevent. However, why is detaining children treated with such contempt?

Tony Abbott has gone off his rocker, there is no other explanation for his response. Who does he think he is to respond with such callousness?

I’m appalled and dismayed that we (Australia) have reached such depths of carelessness.

I just saw this across the road and am wondering if Doctor Who has turned up to exorcise Tony Abbott tomorrow, Friday 13, an ill omen?