Tony Abbott’s leadership is non-existent in tough times. All I see is his determination to remain Prime Minister, no matter the cost.

No matter the cost. See, I’m repeating my words to be crystal clear. And the cost could be huge.

The recent announcement of our target on cutting pollution is pathetic. The Climate Council recommends the target be 45-65%. If jobs, economy and community well-being are Tony’s priorities why isn’t he embracing the renewable energy industry for more jobs and the economy? Why isn’t he considering the consequences for future generations of unaddressed climate change for community well-being?

The outcome of the joint party room meeting to allow members to have a free vote on same-sex marriage is pathetic. The Drum is running a poll:


I saw today that Tony Abbot said this: “if you want competence and political integrity you should stick with this government’ on #RNBreakfast AM. In this interview he refers to the pre-election promise (whatever that was) and keeping faith with that promise. He now wants to ‘do what we can to keep faith with the public’ … oh my goodness, this would be about the only pre-election promise that has endured. Sally McManus keeps track of this Government’s progress on it’s promises.

How many people has he turned away because of these two decisions? Especially since polls indicate broad support for action on climate change and marriage equality.

The fact that Tony Abbott thinks we do not remember stuff he says is funny except it’s not. In that AM radio interview he said, in relation to his comments after his ‘near death experience’ back in February that he said Good Government re-starts now. Well that is not my memory of what he said and it doesn’t take much digging to find the lie here and here. And here’s a look back at the good government’s progress. New Matilda wrote on this too, here and here

This leader of our country is cowardly, doesn’t take responsibility, passes the buck, blames Labor and is only ever a ‘good leader’ in fair weather. When the questions are easy to answer, when he can talk in three word slogans, when he’s among friends, he is comfortable, open, friendly, caring and displays fair weather leadership qualities. But, when the questions are hard he runs away; when three word slogans are not enough he runs away; when the crowd is unfriendly he runs away; and leadership in tough times runs away too.