An email I sent to  Peter Dutton and George Brandis

To Whom It May Concern
I am sick to the stomach of hearing and reading of the way asylum seekers have been treated by Australia. When did Australia de-humanise the people seeking asylum? 

We talk of the fair go, well where’s the fair go for the asylum seekers? Why have you removed Abyan from the care she needs only to return her to Nauru? Nauru is not a safe place for her or any of the other asylum seekers held there.

I do not buy the argument that stopping the boats saves lives. How many have died on those boats turned back into international waters? Do they not count? 

Begin treating asylum seekers with respect and humanity. Remove the populist politics from this issue by leading. By leading I mean, do not pander to those who think we are being over run by muslims or whatever other group. Lead the Australian population to understand why these people are seeking asylum. Lead the Australian people to be respectful of these people’s plight.

Take a stand and say no to viewing asylum seekers as other. They are not other. They are strong, brave and loving. They are like me. 

With respect