Peter Dutton has reached a new low in his recent remarks about the release of the Nauru files. He has not covered himself in glory in his response to the file’s release. Instead he has sought to blame the media (the messenger) and the veracity of the incident reports contained in the files.

In looking at the interactive provided by The Guardian, comments like this (randomly selected) cause great distress:


Why is Peter Dutton abrogating his responsibility here? What is to be gained by his determined abhorrent approach to the treatment of asylum seekers? There is no excuse this Government can produce that will cause me to agree to this policy.  There is no humanity in this policy. None.

His behaviour reminds me of a bully caught out. A bully claiming to be a victim.

It is time to stop the disrespectful treatment of asylum seekers and #bringthemhere. Bring them here to settle. Bring them here as compensation for the awful treatment they received. Bring them here to commence building a safe, healthy, fulfilling life.

Bring them here Peter Dutton and apologise for your Government’s policy.