Named in honour of Neville Thomas Bonner AO, 1922–99, an elder of the Jagera people, in recognition of his service as a Senator for Queensland (1971–83) and leader of indigenous Australia.

Demographics: Bonner comprises 149,629 constituents (source: ABS, 2016 Census; 2021 Census not due out until June 2022)

Median age: 38

Education: 17.7% reported having completed Year 12 as their highest level of educational attainment, 15.0% had completed a Certificate III or IV and 9.8% had completed an Advanced Diploma or Diploma.

Religion: No Religion, so described 28.2%, Catholic 23.7%, Anglican 13.0%, Not stated 7.8% and Uniting Church 4.7%. Christianity was the largest religious group reported overall (62.3%).

Employment: 59.5% were employed full time, 29.8% were employed part-time and 6.3% were unemployed.

Occupation: Professionals 25.4%, Clerical and Administrative Workers 15.9%, Managers 13.2%, Technicians and Trades Workers 11.9%, and Community and Personal Service Workers 9.7%.

Unpaid work: 74.3% did unpaid domestic work in the week before the Census. During the two weeks before the Census, 30.5% provided care for children and 11.1% assisted family members or others due to a disability, long term illness or problems related to old age. In the year before the Census, 20.2% of people did voluntary work through an organisation or a group.

Last election: Swing of 4% to Ross Vasta (The Tally Room AEC:

2019 Election results for Bonner
2019 Election Primary Vote for Bonner


Who’s standing in the seat of Bonner for the 2022 election?

LNP: Ross Vasta – holds the seat

ALP: Tabatha Young

Greens: Bernard Lakey

PHON: Vacant

UAP: Serge Diklitch

No information about this person on the UAP website, except to say Diklitch is standing for Bonner. Doesn’t appear to have a profile on the socials.

TNL: Kim Prior

Source for Candidates:

Ross Vasta (LNP)

Currently holds the seat. Has held the seat since Bonner’s inception (2004). Lost the seat in 2007 but won it back in 2010.

My Plan

As a resident of Bonner for more than three decades and as the Federal Member I have dedicated myself to the local community.

As part of the LNP Government, our commitment to building a strong economy means I’m able to create jobs and continue delivering the services, education facilities and infrastructure that local families need.

With a strong economy, we’re able to invest in local roads projects to get you home sooner and safer, we’re able to back local small businesses with tax cuts, keep our borders secure, and work with local environmental groups to get real outcomes.

Instead of raising taxes for hardworking families like Labor, the Coalition’s stronger economy enables us to focus on delivering lower electricity bills, cheaper medicines and affordable childcare to ease cost of living pressure for families.

I take great pride in representing the electorate of Bonner and I know with my consistent and active representation the local community will continue to flourish.



Tabatha Young (ALP)

Tabatha Young is a fierce advocate for equal opportunity and equal access to essential services in the Bonner community.

Tabatha and her daughter have resided in the Wynnum/Manly area for over 20 years. As an Aboriginal woman, Tabatha has spent her full career ensuring a level playing field for all in the justice system and that community understand their rights, particularly for community women and families who are facing Domestic Violence and the Child Protection System.

As a local mum in Bonner, Tabatha made the decision to run as she feels it is time for change in our community. Tabatha sees families are being left behind by Scott Morrison and his government with growing gap payments and waiting lists for health services. Not to mention inaction around critical sectors such as Aged Care that are crying out for reform after the Royal Commission into Aging.

Tabatha is a strong advocate for community and her focus on the community of Bonner deserve a strong representation who will listen to them. It’s time for a new face for Bonner.



The New Liberals (TNL)

Kim Prior

The New Liberals – a new voice for Bonner and new direction for Australia

For some time I have been concerned at the parlous state of the political landscape in Australia. Recent events have punctuated the lack of leadership and policy direction shown by the incumbent government and exposed the opposition’s inability to call the government to account. Economic development, climate change, foreign policy, trade, taxation, indigenous affairs, women’s advancement, immigration, the need for a federal ICAC, the status of refugees and the COVID crisis are just some of the areas that I feel we have fallen down.

Understands the mining industry as well as the issues that arise while working in a male-dominated industry.

Understands the challenges of running a business here in Australia.

Understands the intrinsic value of democracy, the importance of a free-market economy and that the scaffolding of social supports provides inherent value to our society.

Has lived in the Bonner electorate for many years.

Source: The New Liberals website:





Bernard Lakey

I’m an accountant and have worked in management roles for the last 35 years in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. Originally from rural Victoria, I moved to Queensland in 2011. My wife and I have been married for forty years with children and grandchildren.

Understands communities and businesses prosper in a fair and just society. 

Understands that it is barely possible to get ahead on an average wage, let alone on welfare. People are locked out of owning a home, education and training is increasingly expensive, and our public health system is under-resourced and inadequate for a post-pandemic life. 

Supports the banning of corporate donations to political parties and introducing a robust and independent federal corruption commission, we can bring our politicians to account. 

Wants action on climate change by reaching crucial 2030 climate targets and becoming a renewable energy export hub, with a 700% renewables target. 

Wants billionaires and large corporations to pay their fare share of tax to help make public education, from school through TAFE and university, free again.




CPA Australia: sits on the Business Committee (or did) –

United Australia Party

Serge Diklitch (see above) will update once information is available.

One Nation

No contender yet