When Brittany Higgins alleged she was raped by a staffer while she worked for Senator Reynolds, I was horrified.

When Chelsey Potter alleged she was sexually assaulted by a staffer while she worked for Senator Birmingham, I was horrified.

When the Hon. Christian Porter MP was shown on 4 Corners “Inside the Canberra Bubble” to be disrespectful toward women, I was horrified. 

When Grace Tame gave her powerful speech last Wednesday, I was inspired. Inspired by her determination despite the odds being stacked against her.

Then Mr. Porter decided to out himself as the person alleged to have raped a 16yo person back in 1988, which he categorically denied. I was particularly horrified by your decision, Prime Minister, to blindly back your Attorney General without even reading the documents submitted; submitted to you by a citizen of the country you purport to lead; a citizen who took her own life.

I expect you are aware of the growing upset, even anger that is rumbling through the Australian community. I expect you are trying to gameplan a way out from this nightmare.

It seems you and your Ministers have landed on the ‘Rule of Law’. In fact, you, Prime Minister, went so far as to suggest a refusal to call an inquiry was because “rule of law is essential for liberal democracies”.

Bernard Kean from Crikey: … none of the proponents of “rule of law” have said anything about Christian Porter’s own repeated trashing of the rule of law which has marked his time as Attorney-General. The pages of The Australian and the Financial Review have featured few defences of the rule of law as Porter has tried to prosecute Bernard Collaery in secret, dragged out his trial, or stacked the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to the point of dysfunction.

Or is it that the “rule of law” is a convenient shield to hide behind? I do not see much happening where the “rule of law” has been upheld by your Ministers.

I expect by now if you have read this far, you get the gist of my rage.

I have a request to make, stop it, stop it now. Your transactional and political gaming does not cover you in the glory you clearly seek. Governing this country is hard work. Governing this country fairly and equitably is hard work. But it is the job you have chosen. Do that job. Do that hard work.

Start now, otherwise, there is no happy ending.